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Five years in the digital games industry writing reviews and getting directly involved in game development.

Marketing Director at studios such as Cat Nigiri and Behold Studios, developers of titles such as Keen , Chroma Squad and the Pen and Paper franchise, one of the first Brazilian titles to surpass the 1 million copies sold throughout the world.

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Also working with the artistic aspects of other games such as the hard core Necrosphere (Cat Nigiri) and the enchanting Alchemist Adventure (Bad Minions) followed by some independent games in subsequent years.

Graduated in Web Design in 2014, followed by Specialization M.A. - Animation And Graphic Design (2D and 3D Digital Art) in 2018, I constantly seek academic and technical improvement to my mixed painting technique, of my own creation, which involves principles of traditional art (watercolor & oil on canvas) aligned with the most modern digital painting techniques.

Curso de arte, diploma, Técnica de pintura tradicional com pintura digital, free.

I've been working since 2016 as an artist in SaeLoveart art studio, focused on developing ever more complete techniques to bring all the delicacy and personality of traditional art to the digital world.

Currently studying and getting deeper into the areas of Art Therapy and Chromotherapy, focusing on the effects of colors and their vibrations in our lives. In this journey counting on several courses such as Healing with the Arts (by University of Florida), among others.

If you also love the delicacy of watercolor, the ephemeral nature of the unique features of classic paintings, but also don't give up on technology and the advances of the modern world, get in touch or visit the blog to learn more about this universe.


Art studio located in Brasília (Brazil) since 2016. The studio emerged as an alternative to raise funds to pay for Pixel's veterinary treatment.

Pixel was a very small and happy puppy, but he suffered from a series of illnesses that required special and constant medical treatment, as there was no cure. After 3 years happy years, he passed away in August 2019.

For this reason the SaeLoveart studio goes hand in hand with themes related to animals, ethical breeders, veterinarians, protectors, shelters offering illustrations to be sold in products during adoption fairs and local events.

" Pixel taught me to truly live each day as if it were my last. That's why I put a piece of my heart and soul into every art I make."