You can send texts of your own to give tips for your family and your costumers. A great way to give instructions for vaccination dates, puppy care and feeding plan. You can also add travel guidelines and keep a list of your pet's medications. Some people also like to leave a blank space to be filled by pencil with information about the family's flight numbers and hotel information during family trips.

It's not "just the name on the cover"!

     Design made from scratch. Every color is based on your brand. Perfect for those who seek high quality exclusive designs!

DELIVERY : Closed digital file of every individual pages with and without crop marks, so you can make it your own! Assemble and print the desired quantity of each page. As many times as you want in any order you want!


4 inside pages design, being:

  • 1 design for antiparasitic (fleas, ticks, dewormer);

  • 1 vaccine follow-up design;

  • 1 tutor information design;

  • 1 free design of your choice, which can be used as guidelines for travel, care for the puppy, medications, texts, notes, etc.

The cover design has the practicality of the pet's identification form visible on the cover, to ease the selection of the correct card in case of families with multiple pets.

The back cover design is ideal for keeping contact information for your kennel or veterinary clinic of your choosing.

NOTE: U$15.00 (USD) fee will be charged for each extra page design added to the final product.

Get a 5% discount on this product by adding our SaeLoveart logo and website on the back cover alongside with your own information.

Vaccination Card 


1. All products refer to the Design and delivery of the Artwork by digital means. Graphic printing of the material is not included.

2. SALE: All advertised prices are temporary and subject to change without notice.